"Live the life you imagine”... I’ve been wearing that quote on my sterling wrist cuff for years. Creating makes me happy .  I could imagine myself being an artist, but didn’t know if I could make it happen. My artistic spirit kept whispering to me, so I finally took it to heart. I decided to take a chance and devote my time to my craft when I moved to Charleston, SC in 2009 and have been pursuing my dream ever since...check out www.shelbyleestudio.com.  Charleston Bath Works came to me because I was tired of drying out my skin and wanted to keep it natural. I have been scouring ingredients to find the perfect combination that can get us clean naturally without all the chemicals you always find in store bought products. I didn't want to leave out smelling good, too, and was inspired by all the great images and scents of the area I now call home. Charleston is full of inspiration with its history and beaches, so I pulled all my favorites into the Charleston Signature Scents line.  I love living here and wanted you to be able to enjoy a little bit of it too!

Besides creating artfully crafted soaps and other body products, I am also a jewelry artist . I was working primarily in sterling & fine silver but I love rivets! That led to incorporating copper, brass and aluminum. I’ve also started adding gemstones to some of my pieces, it gives that “earthy organic look” a little sparkle! Give me your favorite quote, saying, words, verse or family names and let me create something just for you! (My pieces are a very thoughtful gift too, so don’t forget that special someone!) I love it when an idea pops into my head, and I need to run and sketch it or write it down before it’s gone! But, just as fun for me, is taking your idea and turning it into something you’ll treasure for years.

Thanks for your interest in my work and remember...”live the life YOU imagine”!